Why is it important to consistently take medicine?

It is important to consistently take your medicine even if you feel better. The reason for it is to prevent your health condition from deteriorating and prevent future health complications.

By taking your medicine on a regular basis we mean that you will take the right dosage of your medicine in a timely manner. It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions for the medicine that he gave you.

Ask a lot of questions about taking the medicine

Before you take a new medicine, be sure that you know what each medicine is for. And the name and information of the doctor who gave you the prescription for your medicines.

In addition to that, it is very important to know how to take your medicine, for example, at what time of the day should you take them, with food or without, and what are the conditions for storing your medicine.

5 Actions you should do when you take your medicine

1. Take the medicine at the same time every day (in order to remember to take your medicine you can put a reminder on the phone, or use The Dispenser for smart vitamins and pills management) you can find more tips in the following article – How to remember to take vitamins and medicines?

2. Don’t skip a dose or take a half pill to save money

3. Take the medicine until you finish the whole box or until your doctor tells you otherwise.

4. Don’t take another’s person medicines. 5. Consult your doctor about alcohol and smoking – it can influence and reduce the effect of the medicines, or cause medical problems as a result of the contention between the alcohol\ smoking to the medicine.  

How you can reduce the number of trips to the pharmacy?

As a result of the Covid-19 that came into our lives in the last two years, it is advisable to avoid being with a lot of people indoors, especially if there is a medical condition, in order to protect the body and the immune system.

1. Order the medicine on the internet

As a result of the Covid-19, many businesses have moved to sell online. Among these businesses, the pharmacy and pharma companies also moved online to make their products and medicines accessible without you leaving the house and risking your health.

You can go to your HMO website and see if they have an online delivery service of medicines. You also can go to your local pharmacy website and see whether they work with your HMO and order your medicines from them if they do.

2. Ask a family member or a friend

In case technology is not your strong side you can ask a family member or a friend of yours to go to the pharmacy and take your prescriptions for you.

In conclusion, taking medicines on a regular basis and persistently is very important to maintain balance in your body and your health.

Try to take your medicines persistently and use assistant products like Dispenser for smart vitamins and pills management to make it easier to take your medication.

Wish you the best of health!

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