pill box organizer

Each cell in the pill box organizer contains up to 11 pills, depending on the size of the pills

You can organize the pills up to a month ahead of time. This will provide peace of mind. This is advantageous since you have to deal with organizing and ordering the prescriptions once a month rather than every week or every few days.

The other advantage is that older people can order their pills a month ahead and this will help them to organize and order the pills by themselves. All they will have to do is to choose the day of the week and the time during the day (Morning, Afternoon, Evening and Night time) and to open container and they will get the cell they need according to the day and time they have chosen.

The Pill Box Organizer is custom-suitable based on customer preferences, as it appears in the order, although times during the day may change according to user preferences:

Once a Day – First week, second week, third week, fourth week.
In this situation, the Pill Dispenser will be organized for four weeks in such a way that the vitamins\ pills are taken once a day.

Twice a Day – First week in the morning, First week in the evening, Second week in the morning, Second week in the evening.
In this situation, the Pill Dispenser is organized for two weeks in sucha way that the vitaming\ pills are taken twice a day.

Three\ Four times a Day – Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night. In this situation, the Pill Dispenser is organized in such a way that the vitamins\ pills are taken three\
four times  a day during the  week.

Each dispenser is customizable for the customer’s needs. Each dispenser comes with a set of time stickers, and the customer can choose which day and time during a day should be displayed on the dispenser.

Delivery time is up to 24 business days depending upon the freight company’s schedule. There may be delays, depending on inventory or as a result of Covid-19; of course, it could arrive sooner 🙂

When you order the product, there is a brochure with drawings and explanations on how to use the product, and of course, we also provide simple explanatory videos 🙂

You will need to follow the instructions on how to use the Pill Dispenser.
The Dispenser has two locks that provide dual protection so that pills don’t fall from the Dispenser:

A. Make sure the Days ring is set to ‘Close.’
B. The lid of the product

Absolutely! The substance the Pill Box Organizer is made of is UV-radiation protected.

In case you have a question that does not appear here or you need help, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you!

pill box organizer