The Inventor's Words - Maori I.


“As a result of taking care of my parents, I faced the danger of overdosing or underdosing, dirty pill storage. Sometimes they took their medication and sometimes they didn’t. The pills were falling and being scattered all over the place. They were even ashamed to talk about it. It caused me insomnia and I decided to find a way to help them.”

Now Maori’s parents are in their 80’s and they are still taking vitamins and pills. As their son, he had to come and organize their vitamins and pills. After organizing their pills, he was worried that they were not taking their pills as they needed to due to the existing pillbox.

When he researched the field, he found out that many had this problem of forgetting to take vitamins and pills in a consistent, consecutive, precise, and on-time manner; many are suffering due to that, and this has caused further medical problems and reduced people’s quality of life.

This made him realize that there is a need to develop a safer and more efficient product for taking vitamins and medications.

“During the development, my wife and I started to take some vitamins and pills, and our daughter started to take vitamins and supplements for her pregnancy. It became clear to me that the need to find an innovative, convenient and safe solution is universal for all ages and all countries.

Thanks to the help and advice of doctors and potential users, Maori developed a medicine dispenser and other Carroself products – Smart and unique products to manage vitamin and pill intake.