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Smart dispenser and organizer for medical pills
taking management

The smart pill dispenser of Carroself provides a change in the perception of existing pill organizer boxes and enables you to organize and take your vitamins and prescriptions up to a month ahead of time, based on when you want to take the pills - Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Nighttime. Easy and convenient to insert the pills without the fear of opening, scattering the pills, and confusion while taking them.

The dispenser of Carroself provides a change in the perception of the existing boxes and enables you to organize your vitamins and prescriptions up to a month ahead and based on the time of taking - Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night. It's much easier to put the pills inside. It's much easier to put the pills without the risk of opening, scattering, and confusion while taking them.

Carroself Pill Dispenser Products

Box To Go With Pill Cutter

Your pills are with you anywhere, anytime

The Smart Pill Dispenser

Arrange your pills in advance to take them safely. Easy to use, rotate the labels and take the right pills

A Box With Four More Cartridges

Suitable for the ones who need help organizing their pills ahead of time or for those who love to be always ready

The Benefits of Carroself Smart Products

Smart Dispenser, Small Box To Go & Pill Cutter, A Box with Four More Cartridges

Easy to Use

No need to fight anymore with your prescription boxes. Just rotate and take out.

Proper Management

Allows an easy and on-time pill take by easy and comfortable Dispenser use.

Suitable for travel & work To GO

The dual lock mechanism of the Dispenser prevents pills from falling out, and the Small box To Go enables you to take pills when you are not home . Suits every pocket.


Your fingers stay outside of the pill cartridge, in such a way that it stays clean from bacteria, liquid spilling over, dust, and debris.

The problems the Smart Pill Dispenser and
Carroself Products will solve for you

"I Forgot to Take My Pills"

The Problem – who does not sometimes forget to take his vitamins or pills on time? Middle-aged and old people, (but also young…) sometimes forget and that can decrease your quality of life, make you feel bad, and sometimes even sick.

The SolutionCorrect Management Tool – The Pill Dispenser will enable you to organize and take your vitamins or prescriptions on time, in an orderly and organized manner.

Everything in One Place

The Problem – When there are a lot of boxes of vitamins and prescriptions around the house, you have to go from one box to the other and take what’s relevant for you. That is definitely unnecessary!

The Solution – The Smart Pill Dispenser will sort your pills. Everything in One Place. Easy to refill and to take on time. You can see in the Pill Dispenser if you’ve taken your vitamins or prescription or not.

pill box organizer

Accessible and Easy to Use

The problemin the existing pill dispensers you can open a cell and all the vitamins and pills usually pop out or fall out. Dirt, dust, and liquids get into the vitamins or pills. Kids can even open by accident and take the pills.

The solution – The pill dispenser is safe and hygienic. In each opening, the exact pill\s you need come out.
The pill dispenser has a dual lock mechanism that prevents pills from falling\ spilling out.

Maintaining Privacy

The ProblemYou need to take your vitamin or pill in a public place around people and you don’t feel comfortable.

In the existing boxes you can see the type of pills and their amount, the whole situation is unpleasant, not respectful, and doesn’t keep your privacy

The SolutionThe Smart Dispenser keeps your privacy, no one sees what type and the number of vitamins or pills you take.

Now you can respectfully maintain good health at any age.

The Unique Present - Care for Yourself

The Problem – The willingness to give a significant present, authentic and useful to your family members or your dear friends. But it’s hard to find something to give when everyone has everything. Flowers or a plant again?

The SolutionThe Smart Pill Dispenser helps care for those who are dear to you. A significant present that indicates the personal relationship and that you care. The Dispenser helps maintain good health at any age.

How Does the Pill Dispenser Work?

A Box With Four More Cartridges

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The Smart Dispenser

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Box To Go With Pill Cutter

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