Terms of Use 

The regulations are written in the masculine language for Users convenience, but refers to both men and women.

  1. This site is operated by carroself ltd. (“The Company”) at a web address www.carroself.com, www.carroself.co.il, and its purpose is to enable the purchase of the Company’s products (“the Site“).
  2. The introduction
    the use of the site constitutes consent to its terms of use. The site management reserves the right to update the Terms of Use from time to time and without prior notice.
  3. Intellectual Property
    The Site as well as all its information including the design of the site, the site code, media files including graphics, videos, photos, texts, files offered for download and any other material presented on the site belongs in full to the Company and constitute exclusive intellectual property of the Company and should not be used without prior written permission from the Company.
    No information from the site may be copied, reproduced, distributed, published or used in any other way, unless prior written consent has been given by the company.
  4. Site Content
    We aim to provide you with the information presented on the site without interruption but may be due to technical considerations, third-party or other malfunctions, interruptions in the availability of the site. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the site will be available to you at any time and no monetary or other compensation will be provided due to the cessation of service / downloading the site.
    Links to an external site do not constitute a guarantee that these are safe, high-quality or reliable sites and a visit to them is done on your own personal opinion only and are within the sole responsibility of the user of the site.
  5. Manage site users and visitors
    The site’s management reserves the right to block any user, either by blocking theIP address of their computer, theMCID address of their computer or even in accordance with the country of origin without having to provide any explanation whatsoever.
    The site team / site management will do everything in its power to protect the details of the users registered on the site / subscribers registered on the site. In cases where a third party is able to gain access to information found on the Site for reasons unrelated to the Site, it is hereby agreed that surfers, users and members of the site will not have any claim, argument or demand towards the company.
  6. Full disclosure
    The site uses cookies (especially for registered and subscription users) and intrastat interfaces to maintain anonymous statistical analysis of surfers and analysis of user traffic, browsing habits on the site and analyzing clicks and time of stay.
    The information stored is completely anonymous and does not contain the name of the surfer or any other identifying information.
  7. Law and jurisdiction
    The interpretation and enforcement of these Regulations and/or any action or dispute arising from it shall be done in accordance with Israeli law only and the Magistrates Court in Tiberias or the Nazareth District, depending on the sum of the claim, shall be the sole jurisdiction.
  8. Contact
    In any questions and/or inquiries regarding the product, as well as any other inquiry regarding infringement of the rights of use or offensive content, as well as any comment, complaint, commendations, please go to the Company’s website carroself.com Select Contact Us and send the message or use the following mail support@carroself.com.

Website privacy policy

  1. The Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf take Reasonable precautions in order to maintain, as much as possible, the privacy of the user and the confidentiality of the information.
  2. It is clarified that since this is an operation in an online transaction, the Company cannot guarantee absolute immunity from intrusion or disclosure of the information by perpetrators of illegal activities and therefore, if a third party is able to infiltrate information held by the Company, the user will have no claim, or demand against the Company.
  3. In addition, in cases arising from force majeur, the Company shall not be liable for any damage of any kind, indirect or direct caused to the user or anyone acting on his behalf, if any information provided has been lost or accessed to a hostile party and / or used without permission. The Company undertakes that it will not use the details of the users registered on the site and except for use as detailed in these regulations and for the purpose of maintaining contact with the user.
  4. The Company will not provide the user’s information, except in any of the cases listed below: (a) if required to do so by judicial order or by law; (b) if receive notice of legal action against the company for actions committed by the user and in any dispute, claim, suit, demand or legal proceedings, if any, between the User and the Company; (c) If the Company organizes its activities within the framework of another entity – and in the event that it merges with another entity or merges its activities with the activities of another entity – the Company will be entitled to transfer the user’s information to the other entity provided that the other entity accepts the provisions of this Privacy Policy; (d) if an allegation is made or the Company suspects that the user has committed an act and/or omission that harms and/or may harm the Company and/or anyone acting on its behalf and/or any third parties; (e) if an allegation is made or suspicion arises with the Company that the user has made use of the purpose of committing an illegal act and/or to enable, facilitate, assist and/or encourage the execution of such an act; (and) if an allegation is made or the company suspects that the user violated any of the terms of the regulations and/or any agreement with a company and/or anyone acting on its behalf; (g) if and to the extent required for the company’s activities, such as transferring details to employees, sub-contractors and other entities that are partners or involved in the operation of the company’s marketing activities. Users will not have a claim or demand against the Company in connection with the provision of their details as aforesaid and hereby waive any such claim and/or claim.
  5. Registration and providing details by the user constitutes the user’s acceptance that his user information and any data generated based on the analysis of this information and any information about him that has come and/or will come to the company’s attention will be held in one or more databases of the Company or anyone acting on its behalf, and that this information will be used in accordance with the following purposes: (a) for marketing, advertising, promotional purposes and for the purpose of contacting the user in any way including by direct mail in any means of communication that you debase appropriate (including in writing,  in print, by phone, text message, fax, computerized way or other means); (b) for the purposes of encouraging loyalty, analysis and statistical research, conducting surveys and any other online use in connection with a marketing topic; (c) for internal needs, such as the need to investigate complaints and / or reviews; and (d) for the purposes of mailing marketing and advertising material, including through “cookies”. such use of the user’s information will not be considered an infringement of privacy. It is also agreed that such information will be considered the property of the Company and the user hereby waives any claim for the use and/or ownership of such information, including waiving any claim under Israel Privacy Protection Law. The Company shall not be considered a violation of a privacy obligation or infringes on a user’s privacy due to any information, as defined in the Israel Computers Law, which will be used to identify or trace a user by another, and which is due to the use of electronic means in general and computer communication in particular.
  6. It is clarified that the Company may share the user’s personal information with service providers who perform services on behalf of the Company based on the Company’s guidelines. The Company does not authorize these service providers to use or disclose the information, except as required to perform services on behalf of the Company or to comply with legal requirements. Examples of these service providers include entities that process credit card payments (“clearing services“), place orders, and provide server hosting and direct mail marketing services. Suppliers are obligated to protect the privacy of the information.
  7. The user’s personal information (name, e-mail, etc.), will be stored in the company’s database and will be used, among other things, for direct mailing. For removal, please contact the Company’s Customer Service by email at the Company Email for the avoidance of doubt, the Company will still be entitled to make use of the user information for the purposes listed above, subject to the protection of the privacy of the users and in accordance with applicable law.
  8. It is hereby clarified that the Company may receive personal information about the user from various sources. The Company may collect this information when the User provides it on the Company’s website, social media platforms or at one of the Company’s events. When a user visits this site, the company also collects certain information by automated means, using technologies such as cookies, web server registrations, and Web Beacons.
  9. The user confirms that he is aware that he has no legal obligation to provide his details and that the delivery of the above information is done voluntarily and with his consent. The user hereby expressly agrees to the aforementioned use of the details he has filled out and confirms that their use will not be considered an infringement of privacy and will not entitle him to any relief and/or compensation whatsoever.
  10. Consent to receive advertising information means joining the mailing list of the site. Client requesting to be removed from the mailing list will do so by emailing the company via e-mail support@carroself.com or Through the site by Select Contact Us and send the message which will state that the customer wants to remove it from the site’s mailing list.  

Purchase products on the site

    1. The site allows customers to buy the product conveniently, easily and safely via the Internet.
    2. The price listed on the site next to each product is the current product price. The Site may update from time to time the prices of the products offered for purchase on the site, regardless of the date of making a purchase on the site, and without the need for any notice.
    3. The prices of products on the site include Israeli VAT by law. But they do not include taxation costs in the event of shipment of products abroad, if taxes are adhering.
    4. The purchase on the site is by credit card or any other means of payment that appears on the payment page, in accordance with the Company’s policy and the agreements the Company will sign with third parties.
    5. The Site may at any time change the variety of products offered for purchase on the Site, replace them minimize them, add to them, and revoke the right to purchase on the site at its discretion and without any prior notice.
    6. The Company is entitled to conduct, modify and discontinue promotions at any time, at its discretion, and without any harm to the purchasers of the products on the site.
    7. Shipping Policy
  1. All orders are handled and shipped on business days, Sunday to Friday only, excluding holidays and Weekends.
  2. Orders received on Friday or Saturday will only be processed on the following Sunday.
  3. The company undertakes to send the products to the customer up to 45 business days, from the date of approval of the transaction by the company.
  4. The shipments will be made by Israel Post. The Company reserves the right to replace the delivery provider at any time, without any prior notice to the customer. In any case, shipments are made within the boundaries of the State of Israel only and subject to the policy of the shipping companies, including regarding the security/or other restrictions of the Israel Postal Service.
  5. The customer must ensure that he is an adult (over the age of 18) at the delivery address at the time of receipt of the shipment.
  6. The Company shall not be liable for any delay and/or delay in supply and/or non-supply caused by force majeur and/or events beyond its control.
  1. The company attaches appropriate instructions for use of the product, in accordance with the customer’s needs as defined at the time of order, and personally adjusts its products at the customer’s request.
  2. Shipping costs will be added to the costs of the product, and in any case are not disabled to the customer in case of cancellation of an order.
  3. The company does not allow self-collection of its products. And in any case, if self-collection is possible, this will be done by prior arrangement only and after order is confirmed by the company.

Product Recall Policy:

  1. Refund, change or cancellation of an order will be possible within a in a period of up to 14 days after receiving the customer’s order, and subject to the terms stated Below.
  2. Subject to the affirmation, customer can cancel the purchase of products only when they are fully installed, packaged in their original packaging and not opened at all and not used in any way.  
  3. The cost of shipping will not be refunded in any case.
  4. If a product meets the return conditions, the customer will be entitled to a full return for the purchase (excluding the cost of shipping) and less the company’s expenses for assembling the product for the customer as well as clearing expenses. Such expenses will not be refunded anyway.
  5. Credit refund will be carried out, only after receiving the product by the company, checking it and confirming to the company that the product meets the credit conditions.
  6. Products can be physically returned to the company’s offices by prior arrangement, or sent by courier mail or any other courier company.
  7. Cancellation of a transaction by the site – 

The Site reserves the right to cancel a transaction under the following conditions:

  1. In the event that the product definition as error in its details, price or any detail in the product’s advertising.
  2. At the sole discretion of the site, in the event that buyer or does not meet the terms of the site.
  3. In the event that a transaction with the customer is not approved, including by the company.


  1. The warranty period for each product is indicated on the product page on the site and on the invoice, and in any case is no longer than six months (6 months). It is clarified that the warranty for some of the products on the site is given by the Company and in some products the warranty is given by third parties (external suppliers).
  2. The warranty is valid only to a customer who holds original proof of purchase and only if the purchase was made through the site. The company reserves the right to require the customer to prove that he is the original purchaser of the product.
  3. The exclusive remedy for any defective product covered under warranty is limited to repair or replacement of the defective product. The Company’s total liability in respect of any defective product shall in no case exceed the purchase price of the defective product.
  4. The company’s responsibility will not apply in cases where the defect in the product is caused by incorrect activation by the customer. Warranty does not include: breakage, fracture or any other wear and tear in the product.
  5. The Company shall not be liable for any direct or indirect damage arising from the misuse of the product, including any incidental, special, indirect or consequential damage – to the extent that the law permits it. The customer has responsibility and any risk and obligations for loss, damage and sabotage to his body and/or property and/or property and/or the body of third parties, arising from the use and/or non-use of the product, except in cases where it is determined that the aforementioned damage was caused by the company’s sole negligence.
  6. To activate the warranty and receive service to the product, contact the company by email support@carroself.com or go to the company’s website carroself.com Select Contact Us and send the message.

User commitment’s

  1.  The user undertakes to act in good faith and honestly at the time of purchase and/or order, as well as after purchase and delivery.
  2. The buyer on the site undertakes to notify of any error in the shipment of the product he received or if he received another product by mistake or if he received more than the one product he ordered. For example: if the customer received two packages instead of one he ordered or another package that is not intended for him. If such a mistake will be discovered by the company, the customer undertakes to pay for the product its value on the day he received the product, according to the price list and the site on the day the product is actually received.

Information security and privacy

  1. The Company takes acceptable precautions in order to maintain, as much as possible, the confidentiality of the information on the Site. In cases beyond the company’s control and/or arising from force majeure, the Company shall not be liable for any damage of any kind, straight or indirect, caused to the customer, if this information is lost and/or used unauthorizedly.
  2. The Company undertakes not to use the information provided to it by the buyers, but within the limits of the Company’s privacy policy, and in order to enable the purchase on the site and in accordance with any Israeli law.
  3. By clicking on the “Send” / “Approval” button, constitutes consent to the Company or anyone acting on its behalf to use this personal information in order to provide Customers with information on products and other information via email or otherwise, about services and resources related to the Company’s products.