The Smart Pill Dispenser

From once a day to four times a day
Suitable for a week to a month
Contain 28 separate cells

A new and revolutionary Pill Dispenser, manual operation, intuitive and easy to use!

The Pill Dispenser for medical pills management had a personal customization ability. It can gives everyone that take pills on a regular and consistent base the opportunity to organize his pills one to four taking times a day respectively to week to a month period of refiling.

CARROSELF’s qualitative products provide a full range solution for taking medicine.

Easy and convenient to insert the pills without the fear of opening, scattering the pills, and confusion while taking them.

It is important to take your medications regularly during the day.

Including stickers set for personal customize and stickers for personal marking.

Original price was: $87.50.Current price is: $49.99.