How to remember to take vitamins and medications? 6 easy tips!

The use of vitamins and medicines is very popular these days and they exist in every home.

In order to maintain and improve the current health state, it is important to take vitamins and medicines regularly. Every day at the same time.

Let’s admit it, with a busy schedule, stress, and unexpected things that come up, we sometimes forget. As a result of forgetting there could be a drastic worsening in our health state, especially when we talk about medicines that help our body and keeps us in a balanced state.

We have gathered 6 tips that will help you remember to take your vitamins and medicines. In order to achieve ultimate results and maintaining your health and those close to you.

6 easy tips that will help you to remember to take your vitamins and medicines

1. Prepare a table

Write down the days and the hours in the day and mark in which days and hours you need to take your medicines. Once you’re done with the table make sure to put it in a place where it is visible and easy to see so you won’t miss it, for example – your fridge.

2. Use the Dispenser for smart vitamins and pills management

An innovative patent called “Dispenser for smart vitamins and pills management” constitutes a perceptual change for the existing boxes and enables you to organize your vitamins and medicines up to a month ahead based on the time of taking – Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night. It is easy and comfortable to put the pills without the risk of opening, scattering, and confusion in taking them. To purchase the Dispenser – Click Here.

3. Make the taking of vitamins and medicines a daily routine

Try to take your vitamins and medicines with a habit that you do daily. For example: after you’ve had breakfast or while reading a book or watching TV before bed, or after a walk with your dog.


A. If you regularly forget to take your vitamins and medicines, put them near your toothbrush, and when you brush your teeth in the morning and night they will always be in front of you and as a result, it would be harder for you to forget to take them.

B. Another place you could put your medicines is near your Water Jar in the house in case you have one around. Water is something we consume regularly and on a daily basis a few times a day. Putting your vitamins and medicines near the Water Jar or any outer water container would be a good and unforgettable reminder for you to take your vitamins and medicines.

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4. Involve your family

Share with your family your vitamins and medications and your taking times, so they will be involved in the matter and remind you to take them in case you forget.

5. Store your medication in a place that is convenient and easy to access

For example, you can store the vitamins and medicines that you take in the morning in the kitchen near the toaster. And the vitamins and medicines that you take in the evening\ night time you can store next to your nightstand. And if you’d be able to put a bottle of water near your bed regularly it would be even better. This will save you from getting out of bed and refilling your glass of water in order to take your vitamins and medicines, everything would be ready, easy, and accessible for you near your bed.

6. Reminders

You can set reminders to take your vitamins and medicines, simply write which vitamin or medicine you need to take and when, and your phone will remind you when the taking time comes.

In addition to that, there are dedicated applications for reminding you to take your vitamins and medications, you can find them in your app store on your phone, simply search for ‘Pill Reminder’, and after you’ve installed the app that best fits you, the only thing left for you to do is to set the vitamins or medications you take and their taking time and you are good to go.

In conclusion,

taking vitamins and medications on time can be a lifesaver, and prevent unpleasant and worrying health conditions in the future, therefore it is important to remember to take our vitamins and medicines regularly and on a daily basis to keep our body in balance and in good health!

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