How to Prevent Epileptic Seizures?

prevent seizures

We all have heard the phrase: “Prevention is better than cure.” Well, it’s just not a random quote but a medical fact that helps in the management of many diseases. Prevention becomes even more critical when dealing with diseases that lead to unconsciousness, such as seizures in epilepsy.

Seizures are episodes marked by uncontrollable movements, changes in awareness, or a combination of the two. When a person has epilepsy, seizures are more likely to occur. There are medications that can be taken, but medication nonadherence is a major problem nowadays. 

People have difficulty taking their pills on a regular basis as prescribed by their doctors, and this negatively affects one’s health. There are modern and effective solutions that will be discussed down below. This article specifically covers how we can prevent epileptic seizures.

Avoid the Triggers to Prevent Seizures.

Epileptic seizures are frequently linked to specific triggers or changes in your routine. Avoiding the triggers helps prevent seizures. The following are some of the most prevalent activities and factors that can cause an epileptic seizure:

• Anxiety, stress, or other emotional problems

• Abuse of alcohol or other drugs

• Variable sleep schedule or sleep deprivation

• Skipping or missing or changing the medication

• Things that overstimulate the senses, such as brightly flashing lights

• Hormonal changes

It’s impossible to predict what may cause an epileptic seizure; they can happen for no apparent reason. You might be able to prevent seizures if you take action to avoid these triggers.

Seizures can lead to unpleasant social situations, bodily injuries, accidents, and potentially dangerous falls. It is preferable to prevent seizures by avoiding the triggers whenever feasible.

Proper Medication to Prevent Seizures

Taking prescribed drugs is the best way to prevent seizures. If you have epilepsy, anticonvulsants are the most effective strategy to prevent seizures.

• Taking anti-seizure drugs regularly is also essential for seizure control.

• If you’re taking anticonvulsants, make sure you take them exactly as prescribed and at the same time every day.

The easiest method to keep an even anticonvulsant level in your body is to stick to a routine. If you are the one who faces issues taking medicine at a proper time, Carroself’s Smart Pill Dispenser can help you get rid of this problem.

The salient features of the Carroself Smart Pill Dispenser are given below.

• It is easy to use. Just rotate and take out the pill.

• A proper Management system in the dispenser allows you to take the right pill on time.

• It is suitable for travel. The dual lock mechanism of the dispenser prevents pills from falling out. The small size of the dispenser enables you to keep it with you wherever you go.

• Your fingers stay outside the pill cartridge, so the medicine stays clean from bacteria, dust, and debris.

Carroself Smart Pill Dispenser is your go-to solution for taking timely medicine to prevent seizures. You can order it here and start taking medicine on time.

• You should not stop taking an anticonvulsant without first consulting your doctor. Stopping your anticonvulsant medicine abruptly can cause seizures.

• Your doctor may advise you to taper off the anticonvulsant or switch to another one gradually. This can help ensure that you don’t have a seizure due to medication withdrawal.

Healthy Life Changes to Prevent Seizures

Another effective strategy to prevent seizures is making a healthy life routine. Here are a few things you can consider for a healthy lifestyle.

• Take Enough Sleep

• Maintain a sleep schedule

• Avoid alcohol

• Avoid the triggers

• Start Exercising daily

• Avoid stress inducers

• Learn to cope the stress in natural ways

• Take medicine on time as prescribed. Carroself Smart Pill Dispenser can help you with that.

• Protect yourself from head injuries

These measures can significantly help you prevent seizures and improve your overall health. Contact your doctor in case of emergency or if you experience any side effects.

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